Celsa Armeringsstål - producer of steel reinforcing products

Celsa Armeringsstål - producer of steel reinforcing products
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Celsa Armeringsstål's production facilities in Mo i Rana are the northernmost iron and steel plant in the world. Up to 1989 the steel facilities covered both iron ore based production and scrap based (EAF) production. The iron ore production was then closed, and the EAF route revamped, and all steel production made scrap based.

Today the EAF production capacity is approx. 900,000 mt. of liquid steel. The rolling mill, a combination mill for rebar in straight lengths and rebar in coil/wire rod, has after the complete revamping in 1993-1995 an annual capacity of approx. 600 000 mt.

High skilled working force has made the productivity in steel production at a high level compared to other producers in Europe.

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