Celsa Armeringsstål - producer of steel reinforcing products

Celsa Armeringsstål - producer of steel reinforcing products
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More than 1.7 million tonnes of raw materials and finished products are transported to and from Celsa Armeringsstål in Mo i Rana every year. The main volumes are transported by vessel. The ice free port of RIT allows discharging and loading operations the whole year around. Celsa Armeringsstål AS also offers solutions delivering or picking up goods by truck. Railroad deliveries are used distributing products internally in some of the Nordic countries.

For internal logistics, Celsa Armeringsstål AS uses a high degree of third party logistic suppliers with specialised heavy gear handling equipment and other tailor made solutions. Examples are trucks with 100 tonnes net capacity and tracking systems for material locations based on GPS navigation.

The three main products handled are steel scrap, continuous cast billet and hot rolled steel products.

Steel scrap

Totally approx. 990.000 tonnes of steel scrap is handled yearly. About 85 % is transported to Mo i Rana by vessels, from small coasters abt. 600 dwt to bulkers up to 6 000 dwt. When arriving in Mo the scrap is handled by gigantic cranes stocking scrap in up to 30m high piles.

Continuous cast billet

Totally 850.000-950.000 tonnes of billets are handled yearly. Up to 250.000 tonnes of billets are exported yearly to Europian or overseas markets. Vessels up to 40.000 dwt. can be loaded at the quay at Mo i Rana.

Finished products.

Totally 550.000-600.000 tonnes of finished products are handled yearly. 90 % is transported from Mo i Rana by vessels, distributing products to the North Sea and Baltic Sea area.

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